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Arsenal’s official flagship store on Tmall has been officially launched recently. As gun fans, are you ready to go shopping?


The bistro also recently interviewed a cute and hardcore gun fan sister who works in Arsenal’s official Tmall flagship store. Let’s see how she turns her hobby into work!


The color marked is our problem~~~


Hello, I understand that there are readers of the tavern classmates, hello everyone!


Okay, my name is Taotao, I am 22 years old and I work in the official Tmall flagship store of Arsenal!


If you count the first acquaintance with our factory, I should be in my mother's belly. But the real relationship should be in 2009.


Good duck! Because my dad is an Arsenal fan. He was fascinated by him since I was a child, and then our family is two and a half gun fans, and my mother counts as half. Caused me to become a small gun fan,


On April 22, 2009, the Tsar's four happy, 4 to 4 away game against Liverpool!


Too many, including the first game. Although Liverpool tied the score in the end, they were still very excited. Remember that it was Benayoun. There are also 3 to 0 Tottenham in 2009. 10 years 2 to 2 Barcelona, ​​16 years 2 to 1 lore Leicester City...

太多了,包括第一局。尽管利物浦最终将比分追平,但他们仍然非常兴奋。记住那是Benayoun。 2009年热刺也有3比0.10年2比2巴塞罗那,16年2比1绝杀莱斯特城...

In fact, there are many. If you say that the most disappointing thing is that the Wolves draw at home at the end of last year. Aimi brought hope to all gun fans in the early days, thank him. But the greater the hope behind, the greater the disappointment. I don't know how to say it.


Too much. The older generation of Bergkamp, ​​Ljungberg, Henry, Vieira, Adams, now Leno, Tierney, and Martinez, Martinez has always been at Arsenal in my heart. Did not leave.


AC Milan


The Chinese team and Argentina!


The professor is definitely an era in my opinion. A man who has had a deep influence on Arsenal. He and Arsenal achieve each other. He gave Arsenal the brand of gorgeous football. Not only gun fans, many people know that football can be played like this. When he was in charge of Arsenal, sometimes he may be constrained by funding problems. But Arsenal can always maintain a strong competitiveness. This is where the professor is different from others, so I think the professor is one of the top three in Arsenal history. The head coach of the post-professional era is too difficult to do.


William and Holding and David Louis. In the first game, Holding's juggling was as extraordinary as Ronaldinho's possession. I think this is actually a self-confidence of the players, showing that everyone is confident in the new season and the future. As for William, the offensive ability goes without saying. I also hope that his partner with Aubameyang can set an example for Pepe, kid Pepe, come on, grow up quickly, hehe! I have always been optimistic about him, and as a veteran, I hope he can drive our defense. I have not worried about the offense of our factory. It is the midfielder... Come on!


For active duty, Tierney! I, but I prefer the Ice Prince, so charming. But if I were to choose, I would still choose Vieira or Adams. I think this is pure man. What our factory needs most now is a Patrick Vieira or Tony Adams. It has nothing to do with football skills, but a real locker room leader. Who dares to bully my little brother, I will beat you down.

对于现役,蒂尔尼!我,但我更喜欢冰王子,那么迷人。但是,如果我选择的话,我仍然会选择维埃拉(Vieira)或亚当斯(Adams)。我认为这是纯洁的男人。我们工厂现在最需要的是Patrick Vieira或Tony Adams。它与足球技能无关,而是真正的更衣室负责人。谁敢欺负我的弟弟,我会打败你的。

Okay, I hope the tavern information station gets better and better~~!


My inner monologue is: My factory should be the champion, because Arsenal is invincible! And it's the N crown king!


To be honest, come steadily and take advantage of the relative chaos of the Premier League and have a great chance to return to the top four.


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